Jul 7, 2010

WSJ, What Do You Really Think?

The Massachusetts Health-Care 'Train Wreck' 
The future of ObamaCare is unfolding here: runaway spending, price controls, even limits on care and medical licensing.

In what could be characterized as a "scathing" Op-Ed, the WSJ skewers Massachusetts health care reform, and everything it implies. They nicely connect the dots between the Massachusetts model and the Federal health care reform model, while highlight that at its root it is a system that is "dominated by politics."

Among other things, the author points out that, "the deeper problem is that price controls seem to be the only way the political class can salvage a program that was supposed to reduce spending and manifestly has not."

However, the most striking statements are quotes from our very own Jon Kingsdale, former head of the Massachusets health insurance exchange (a.k.a., the connector). In his words, "If you're going to do health-care cost containment, it has to be stealth ... it has to be unsuspected by any of the key players to actually have an effect." He went on to highlight that universal coverage is "fundamentally a political strategy question ... a way of saying 'No, you have to do with less.'"

Lastly, the article makes quick mention of a ghastly bill that was sponsored by Senator Richard Moore (a legislator of recent fame for his role in a lobbying bash in Kentucky (HERE)), that would mandate physician participation in government health programs and by linking it to licensure. The physician community we sampled seemed to have strong responses to this bill that sounded like this, "Over my dead body!" and "What the &*^%$^(*(&???!!!"

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