Jun 21, 2010

"The cheapest drugs is where we make our profits." - CEO, Express Scripts

HERE is an interesting must-read article for those interested in the competing interests at work behind most medicines prescribed in the US. Everyone knows of the drug company motivations; fewer know the motivations of the other players.  This article from St. Louis Dispatch focuses on Express Scripts, Inc., the third largest pharmacy benefits managers in the US, and their growth strategies.

If you don't get a chance to read the article, here are a few excerpts that should give you a sense of the themes:

"Our whole model is switching people to lower-cost drugs," Paz said. "The more money my shareholders make, the more money I make ... We are focused on our patients," said George Paz, the company's president and chief executive. "The cheapest drugs is where we make our profits."  

A related commentary by Peter PItts can also be found over at DrugWonks.com (HERE).