Jun 9, 2010

WSJ Part II: Stossels' Perspective

It seems that the WSJ Op-Ed discussed in the previous post has caught the eye of some (dramatically) larger media gurus ... more specifically, John Stossel, formerly of ABC News now of Fox Business, provided his opinion on the article in a blog post entitled Protecting Us To Death (HERE).  

The title gives away the basic theme -- he is in agreement that regulations being promoted by activists may not be the best thing for our health. However, unlike the Dr. Gottlieb, John takes his cues from one of the respected members of the medical community who is actively fighting to ensure that activists ("pharmascolds") don't completely undermine medical innovation: His brother Dr. Tom Stossel.  

Along with impressive scientific credentials, Dr. Stossel is a leading expert on conflicts of interest (COI) in medicine and a co-founder of the Association of Clinical Researchers & Educators, an organization dedicated to shedding light on the (lack of) evidence supporting the COI movement.  It's worth taking a read through some of their writings and their blog as well.  It's good to see other perspectives emerging on this controversial issue that may have important implications down the road for researchers, physicians, and patients.